Saturday, July 27, 2019

Welcome to Kindergarten!!!! 2019-2020 is going to be a great year!!!

Boy, am I excited for this year!!! It is going to be full of fun! We are all going to learn together! This is my 20th class, and I learn more and more every year! I absolutely love the Dedham School. It is quite a magical little place. I love it so much, my children have been a part of Dedham since they were in Preschool! My son, Ryder, 14, just graduated from Dedham School and will be attending Brewer High School in the fall. He plays football, basketball, and lacrosse. My daughter, Ainsley, 10, will be in 5th grade this year. She likes crafts, swimming, playing with little kids, basketball, and she loves soccer. My husband, Ben, is a Forest Ranger for the State of Maine and is the Varsity Basketball coach for Brewer High School. I come from upstate New York but have been in Maine since 2000. I love raising my family on our little farm in our corner of the world. I love coming to the Dedham School every day and working with my little kiddos. Notice I didn't say, "I like coming to work."- because it isn't WORK. It is rewarding. It is engaging. It is inspiring. Yes, exhausting- let's be real, but there is nothing else I would ever want to do. So! School will be starting soon. Here are some important dates! Wednesday, August 21st at 6:00 I will be holding my PARENT ONLY meeting. I am hoping for both parents to attend, but if only one can come, I completely understand. Please plan on an hour. Tuesday, August 30th- OPEN HOUSE Wednesday, August 31st- THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!! I will be in touch about setting up some assessment times for your children to come work with me before school starts! Enjoy this beautiful summer we are so blessed to have and be looking for a letter in the mail!!! It's going to be a GREAT YEAR!!!