Sunday, January 26, 2020

Winter Tracks- the focus of our Fun Forest Friday!

Another FINE Fun Forest Friday where we all learned so much on the tracks of animals from Mrs. Kuhn- we learned about how tracks can tell a story- we learned that there are 3 different types of tracks you may see- hoppers, walkers, and waddlers. We learned that when looking at tracks in the snow, you can use your imagination to tell a story as to who has been there and what happened- Where they running to catch another animal or were they being chased? Where they eating? Looking for food? Finding shelter? How many were there? Then we practiced being each kind of animal, then we went outside to try to find our own animal tracks and create our own stories. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and a WONDERFUL way to end the week. Thank you, Mrs. Kuhn, for sharing your knowledge, passion and excitement which is always contagious!

Published Authors and Illustrators!! Come check out our work in the hallway!

We enjoyed some refreshments as we celebrate our Published work- we read our pieces in front of our classmates (speaking and listening skills being targeted) with a microphone at the podium! It was a day to celebrate as we grow as Writers!!!

Honey Bees! Miss Grindle's awesome lesson on the Honey Bee!

Busy Authors and Illustrators- they are so focused and engaged on their Personal Narratives!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Fun Forest Friday Stewards Strike Again

So today we read Eve Bunting's book "Night Tree" and discussed the challenges some animals may face during the harsh winter weather when trying to find food. We talked about our role as the "stewards" of our Dedham woods and how helping the animals is part of our duty. We give to them, we take care of them, they give to us and help to take care of us! So, today we made little food treasures to hang in our woods for the animals to eat. We borrowed 2 game cameras from Eliot's family to place in our woods to see who may come along and enjoy our treats. Next week we will look at the images to see who enjoyed them!